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Providing learning and leadership through Youth-Adult Partnerships in Carlton County


About Us

REACH YAP creates an environment for youth that is essential for well-being and success. This includes resources that nurture social-emotional competencies. Youth have access to structured Youth-Adult Partnerships that inspire, engage, and provide opportunities for leadership, and self-determination. Through the Youth-Adult Partnership we hope to reduce obstacles at school and home while increasing positive role models in the youth's life. 


To provide learning and leadership through youth-adult partnership in Carlton County


We envision a community where every youth experiences a variety of positive and encouraging relationships that provide a sense of belonging and allows each youth the ability to achieve their full potential both individually and as a member of the community


The goal of our organization is to build protective factors in youth that will lead them to thrive in our community. Positive indicators include: increased attendance and participation in school, prosocial behavior and activities, or engaging in the community with peers and supportive adults. REACH personalizes each goal with each individual youth. 

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707 Hwy 33 South, Suite 6

Cloquet, MN 55720



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