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Employment Opportunities

The Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator will attend youth programming to build relationships with REACH’s young people to best screen and suggest placement of volunteers in appropriate programs and activities. This person will also carry the primary responsibility for recruitment and support of volunteers. The coordinator will provide staff support in coordinating and supervising volunteers. They will develop an orientation manual as well as conduct initial volunteer orientation. In addition, develop a training manual and provide some training sessions.


The Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator will recruit new community volunteers who will support youth in their path to high school graduation through REACH’s Summer Credit Recovery Program which assist students who need to recover credits towards graduation. They will assist in connecting peer groups to re-engage in the community. This includes REACH's in-school Students Offering Support (SOS) Program, after-school programs, well-being activities, enrichment activities, and service-learning opportunities and recreational activities throughout the year.

Program Coordinator: We are seeking a dedicated and passionate Youth Program Coordinator to join our team. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in social work, leadership skills, and experience in supervising youth programs. As a Youth Coordinator, you will play a vital role in educating and supporting young individuals within our community.

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